Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why we only are having two kids

Mason started coughing last Saturday and was diagnosed with RSV (a bad virus for babies to get) and a bi-lateral ear infection on Tuesday. Poor baby had to get an RSV swab, blood tests, and a chest X Ray. After taking him to the doctor Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday he started to turn the corner Thursday. Then Friday Casey started to run a temperature. After it hit 104 last night, I decided to take her to the doctor. She has bronchitis and a sinus infection. Needless to say, if I got a shower any day this past week, I felt ahead of the game. Mason is down a pound and Casey hasn't gotten off the couch yet today. Although it is quiet, it's so sad at the same time. Now with both kids on nebulizer treatments, Casey graduated from the mask. By the way, that is the same nebulizer Stephen used, mom and I guessed it's about 18 years old. With my luck, it will stop working any day now.


Anonymous said...

Bless their little hearts (and mom and dad too!) It is so hard to see your kids sick but hopefully it will be over with soon. Try to get some rest!!

Love - The Cook's

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! Poor little babies! I hope they get better and you get some time to yourself too soon! Hope everything else is going great for you and the family. Take care, miss you!


Court said...

We had it at our house too around Christmas. Gage spent the night in the hospital. We have a little fish mask!!! It is not fun!! Not sure I even want to venture into a second kid right now!!